CULI Brand Guide

We have listed some helpful tips and guidelines for when you and your team are preparing to get headshots and team pictures.


  • Make sure clothes fit you well. Avoid jackets & shirts that fit too tightly or are too loose.
  • Clothes should be clean and free of wrinkles.
  • Avoid busy patterns and oversized lines and stripes.


  • Business Professional is a suit jacket, dress shirt and tie.
  • Classic solid, dark color suits (black, navy, brown, grey) work best for photos.
  • Patterned shirts should be very subtle.
  • Avoid busy patterns and “shiny” fabric ties.
  • Make sure facial hair is clean and well groomed.


  • Business Professional is jacket and blouse or tailored dress.
  • Choose an appropriate neckline that draws attention to your face.
  • Solid, dark colors work best for photos. If layering, add a pop of color under a dark jacket/sweater.
  • Avoid sleeveless/bare arms for professional images.
  • Keep jewelry simple.
  • Avoid fabrics with a lot of sparkle/shine.
  • Make-up should be natural, avoiding products with shimmers and frost.