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  • Logo should appear on initial view of all communications (print, digital, video, etc.) to serve as an introduction to the brand.
  • Full color logo should be used when possible, with a clear space where no other elements appear or intrude on logo. (such as typography, other logos, graphics, photos) Be mindful of maintaining the clear space making sure not to place too close to the paper’s edge, folded edge, cuts, or embossing. 
  • If full color logo is not possible, you may use a one-color version as an alternative in either Clemson Orange, Goal Line, or Bengal Stripe. (refer to palette for specs)
  • Do not add any effects such and bevels, drop shadows, or change/manipulate original colors. 
  • Do not use logo over a tint unless it provides excellent contrast and legibility.
  • Do not stretch, bend, or alter any proportions. 
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